Chomsky blogs!

(via Jason Soon). Legendary leftie (and sometime linguistics scholar) Noam Chomsky now has a blog! Jason has also unearthed several other noteworthy blogs, including a leftie one titled Cyborg Democracy (can anyone tell me what a ‘non-anthropocentric personhood theorist’ is?); Taking Hayek Seriously; and an online economic commentary site called Econ Journal Watch.

B Model Baby may be a tad disappointed in her alleged hero Chomsky’s blog, because a quick glance reveals it currently consists almost entirely of rants about Iraq.

About Ken Parish

Ken Parish is a legal academic, with research areas in public law (constitutional and administrative law), civil procedure and teaching & learning theory and practice. He has been a legal academic for almost 20 years. Before that he ran a legal practice in Darwin for 15 years and was a Member of the NT Legislative Assembly for almost 4 years in the early 1990s.
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James Russell
2024 years ago

can anyone tell me what a ‘non-anthropocentric personhood theorist’ is?

I think the real question should be, can the non-anthropocentrice personhood theorist tell you what they are?

2024 years ago

“because a quick glance reveals it currently consists almost entirely of rants about Iraq.”

Irony? :)

David Tiley
2024 years ago

clever parody. Took someone A LOT OF TIME.

Might get them tenure in some obscure post-modern college..

David Tiley
2024 years ago

and re Chomsky;

what do you expect? Linguistics? God, the world’s on fire and you want ideas?

Kropotkin Beard
Kropotkin Beard
2024 years ago


Logic and Reasoning: Inside the Mind of an anti-Chomskyite: The Play (Act 1)

B: Have you read Chomsky?

J: No, but I hate him.

B: How do you know?

J: He hates America, he’s a Pol Pot apologist, he thinks the Holocaust never happened, he hates America, he takes things out of context, his knowledge of history is piss-poor and he doesn’t even have a PhD. in history, he hates America, he never says anything good about the U.S., he always supports communists, he hates America, he’s loose with facts and uses questionable sources, and even his linguistics is shoddy. Oh, and did I mention, he hates America?

B: Oh, really? Forgive me for asking, but if you haven’t read him how do you know all of this?

J: Because”