Yet another angle on Iraq

I can tell a kind of story that no-one else can tell.

Because I can move around I get to see the true nature of it …. like…..I was at a musician friend’s house and 3 doors away – they were having a battle against American tanks.

I was there the day the Red Cross was bombed and 6 other places were hit the same morning

This war ‘s on a massive scale…. I drove thru Fallujah the day the contractors were hung from the bridge.. yeah I saw them… and the strangest image I’ve ever seen, and all around were armed Iraqis; well dressed young guy dancing on the roof of a burning humvee; just dancing, dancing and dancing.

I was amazed by the enthusiastic comment response to Vietwrong and am equally amazed by the sheer amount of press and airtime this war attracts….. by way of another angle on……bread and circuses – while legs really are being blown off.

It is possible that such intense and widespread amateur analysis may influence public policy in a constructive way, but so much of it seems to be self-indulgent navel gazing.

I was beginning to wonder whether I could find a useful perspective on the subject with which I could engage.

I decided to look for stories about personal experience in Iraq, however, that is a hoaxing minefield. Interesting but pointless as there is no way for me to verify any of these diaries.

Enter George Gittoes. Veteran Australian war artist who ‘worms his way in’ to the personal/private spheres of war zones in the world – and has done for the past decade. He’s been in Iraq for the last year where he is making a film about music.

He spoke to Steve Cunane on JJJ’s Hack last Thursday to promote this newest project. The interview is online until Thursday April 29 (Windows Media version; Real Player version). There is no transcript. Worth a listen.

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David Crawford
David Crawford
2022 years ago

“B” is a lying sack of shit who does not know what he’s talking about. The four contractors were driving a white SUV — easily seen in press photos. Kind of hard to confuse a Humvee painted OD Green with an SUV painted white.

2022 years ago

No-one said anything about 4 contractors driving anything.
– perhaps if you had read more carefully you would have picked this up. If you had read more carefully still, you may also have realised that the circumstance to which you so loosely refer is an excerpt from an interview with George Gittoes cited later in the post.
You inept blind watchdog you.