In the media spotlight.

The Troppo Armadillo, posing as a legal academic, was overshadowed by Roger Maynard, correspondent for the London Times in a discussion of the Falconio case in Territory stateline on Friday night.
TA blogreaders would have been amazed at how quietly Ken sat while the Times goose blathered on about how the press were being hindered in their attempts to harass Joanne Lees.

Also making a cameo appearance in the local news was Ken’s daughter, Rebecca. Do you reckon she looks 15 ?

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Ron Mead
Ron Mead
2024 years ago

While a slime-ball this guy Maynard is! Joanne Lees owes the press less than nothing. They have treated her appallingly right through this case since it first erupted. Photographs as a major issue, indeed! Well said, Ken, you refused to come down to his level in the gutter.

David Tiley
2024 years ago

I thought the freedom to accuse a shattered victim of desert horror of being a manipulative murderess in front of millions of people with no chance of redress was central to our civilisation and worth introducing conscription to defend…

Scummy. They are scummy.

2024 years ago

No NT trial is newsworthy without a dingo. This time it seems they are there in camera happy spades. To steal a word (and sentiment) from Backpages …”puke”.