jessica.jpgNot only is global warming scepticism dangerous, but so too is blogging. News Online reports on yet another blogger dismissed from her employment for exposing her personal life in the blogosphere. However, in this case it’s very personal indeed. Jessica Cutler, whose nom de blog was Washingtonienne, was an aide to a Republican Senator, and her blog is frank to say the least. But although she certainly deserves high marks for frankness, commonsense is another matter. Here are a couple of representative extracts:

Most of my living expenses are thankfully subsidized by a few generous older gentlemen. I’m sure I am not the only one who makes money on the side this way: how can anybody live on $25K/year?? …

So it turns out that RS cannot finish with a condom on. He can barely stay hard. So he ends up taking it off and humping away at me. Maybe I forgot to tell him that I’m on the Pill. Note to self…

I also learned that he was a cop, so he has scary police shit like handcuffs in his closet. He implied that we would be using them next time, which is intriguing, but I know I’m going to get scared and panicky. (Which would probably turn him on.) …

By popular demand, I have finally created a key to keeping my sex life straight.

In alpha order:

AJ=The intern in my office whom I want to fuck.

F=Married man who pays me for sex. Chief of Staff at one of the gov agencies, appointed by Bush.

J=Lost my virginity to him and fell in love. Dude who has been driving me crazy since 1999. Lives in Springfield, IL. Flies halfway across the country to fuck me, then I don’t hear from him for weeks.

MD=Dude from the Senate office I interned in Jan. thru Feb. Hired me as an intern. Broke up my relationship w/ MK (see below).

MK=Serious, long-term boyfriend whom I lived with since 2001. Disastrous break up in March, but still seeing each other.

R=AKA “Threesome Dude.” Somebody I would rather forget about.

RS=My new office bf with whom I am embroiled in an office sex scandal. The current favorite.

W=A sugar daddy who wants nothing but anal. Keep trying to end it with him, but the money is too good.

Shit. I’m fucking six guys. Ewww.

And she wonders why she got sacked??

BTW I thought I’d call this post “Jessicagate” in order to beat all the lazy, unimaginative mainstream media sub-editors to the punch. I can play just about anyone off an even break when it comes to laziness and lack of imagination.

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Ken Parish is a legal academic, with research areas in public law (constitutional and administrative law), civil procedure and teaching & learning theory and practice. He has been a legal academic for almost 20 years. Before that he ran a legal practice in Darwin for 15 years and was a Member of the NT Legislative Assembly for almost 4 years in the early 1990s.
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2024 years ago

At, they would refer to her as an ‘attention whore’.

2024 years ago

fakes, dupes, and whores get all the jobs

what do you expect if any of them actually are honest about any small part of it

2024 years ago

Mae West lives

Back Pages doesn’t usually go any where near these sort of stories. I only discovered it while slumming over at Troppo Armadillo, honest. Any way, when the sacked blogger-intern, Jessica Cutler, 24, was quizzed by The Washington Post about her…