They must think I’m stupid.

Don’t you hate the way advertisers treat you like a moron.
screams the ad. What a waste of money !! Does the advertising guru really believe that the average consumer watches/listens to/notices garbage like that; or has (s)he used so much nose cleaner that connection with reality has been totally severed ?

How stupid does the enterprise Marketing manager/CEO/proprietor, who actually commissions and pays for these ads, think the audience is ? Even in light of the quotation “Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.” I groan with disbelief at some of the rubbish masquerading as advertising these days.

Then there is the petrol prices lies. When the $AUS nudged 80c how come petrol prices (measured in $US) didn’t result in lower pump prices ? Notice that it only takes a couple of days of high oil prices before pump prices go up; and much longer to fall after the world price falls. Why do we have to meet world parity pricing anyway? I thought that the benefit from being (almost) self sufficient is that consumers are protected from the volatility in prices. But I think the worst lie of all is that the petrol companies, the airline companies, the transport companies and the government (who benefits in extra tax derived from higher prices) all expect us to believe that oil prices are not hedged, i.e. the price is fixed for as much as twelve months ahead. So no matter what happens to the spot price the big producers and consumers have their purchase price locked in; not that it stops them from raising pump prices or adding levies to air tickets.

And if there is one thing worse than advertising to the lowest denominator, it’s spinning statistics to make them seem what they aren’t. Take for example this recent report in the NT News under the heading ” Profits up for NT businesses”.

Sales and profits are up for the Territory’s small and medium business enterprises 1 survey has found. Sensis chief economist Steven Shepherd said; “Profits have increased four percentage points to negative one percent”.

When I did arithmetic, negative one percent was a loss not a profit.

BTW, as soon as that Pakistani bloke cleverly disguised as Steve Vizard tells me that his rugs are 100% off, I’m buying some.

  1. the Sensis Business Index[]
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