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Norm Geras had on his site today a link to a great article by the wonderful Philip Pullman, author of His Dark Materials and the Sally Lockhart Quartet, amongst others, about adaptation, from novel to stage as opposed to film. It is well worth reading–as always, with Philip, it is a gem of clarity, elegance and intelligence. (Incidentally, in other pieces, he has a great deal to say about the very thing I was writing about in the Bran Theory of Literature.)
Here’s the link :
As someone who has been through this experience too–my own fantasy novel, The Green Prince, which is set underwater, was adapted for the stage(co-written by myself and a local theatre director, Christopher Ross-Smith) I can vouch for the fact there is nothing quite as powerful and imaginatively haunting as seeing your creation up there on stage, embodied in the actors and the setting. It was indeed, as Pullman says, a transformative experience.

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Lisa Millimet
Lisa Millimet
2024 years ago

I am looking for one Christopher Ross-Smith. He was a teacher of mine in Michigan in 1968 and finally I find his name. Can you help me find him? That would be wonderful. Any information would be so helpful.
Thank you
Lisa Millimet