Google Is Your Friend!

Courtesy of Melbourne blogger Alex at
Psephological Catechism
(whose honours thesis on St Augustine looks to be really interesting), this news just in for Troppo readers.

A Google search for the string fetishised armadillo only yields two results. And one is a link to a post by our old friend The Currency Lad.

About Mark Bahnisch

Mark Bahnisch is a sociologist and is the founder of this blog. He has an undergraduate degree in history and politics from UQ, and postgraduate qualifications in sociology, industrial relations and political economy from Griffith and QUT. He has recently been awarded his PhD through the Humanities Program at QUT. Mark's full bio is on this page.
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Alex White
2022 years ago

Thanks for the link.

I’ll hopefully be churning out the third chapter by early January, with the introduction to be done by Feb.

Mark Bahnisch
Mark Bahnisch
2022 years ago

Pleasure, Alex. Good luck – I can well remember what a crazy process doing an honours thesis is. I’ll look forward to further snippets on your blog.

2022 years ago


I thought you’d retired so I removed your link. Will rectify. (Not that it matters on my blog I know).

As Mark says, good luck with Gus.

Alex White
2022 years ago

I’d stopped blogging for the last month of the election, but am now back in the swing.