And now … The envelope please …

As promised, here are the awards for Mark’s movie homage contest and my micro-story competition.

Mark has passed me 3 envelopes. Here are the awards and the winners:

Phil K. Dick Award (First Prize):

Tie between Big Bob and Alan

Dr Bloodmoney Award for the Commenter Who Always Wins Comment Awards:


‘Eye in the Sky’ Award for Posting a Link Which Gives Away the Answer:

Rob Corr

All four winners receive a free subscription to Troppo Armadillo (click here to claim your prize).

And now, for the Sleepy Santa Award for online fiction…

… Damn! Nabokov really is the commenter who always wins comment awards. Nabokov and Gummo Trotsky have tied for the Sleepy Santa and can now proceed to their fridges to collect their prize.

Congratulations everyone. You may now step up the comments box and make your acceptance speeches.

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2022 years ago

Y’know – I would’ve entered that Santa one if the prize had been a little bit more exciting. The only milk in our fridge is low-fat. Hardly inspirational. Now, if you’d offered me a glass of champagne….

2022 years ago

How about a prize for someone who knows what happened to Brion James career? He was heading upwards in the 80’s, he even appeared on the A-Team (as a henchman, of course), but you hardly notice him these days.

Mark Bahnisch
Mark Bahnisch
2022 years ago

I should note that there is still a prize open for the commenter who comes closest to Troppo faux centrism on political compass. Appropriately, I think observa is ahead at the moment.

And I suspect there’s an award in there for Nabs, too…

2022 years ago

Wow, I never win anything! Is the subscription transferable? I’m not sure if I want it… ;-)

2022 years ago

I won something!

And I am mentioned in the same paragraph as The Great Dick.

My cup runneth over.

I shall treasure my prize forever.

2022 years ago

Why thank you. However the main reason I won this award is because I win awards like this.

Another victory for quantity over quality.

Francis Xavier Holden
2022 years ago

nab i have a comment out of Ghostwritten refering to and warning about you.

mister z
2022 years ago

Nabakov has a ghostwriter? say it ain’t so…