Dark Side of the Kernebone


Some of us were wondering in the thread about the SBS Movie Show what Zoe was on about when she compared Fenella Kernebone to Roger Waters. She’s now provided a case for Ms Kernebone to answer at her blog Crazybrave. Go see for yourself and decide if Zoe’s onto something here…

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2022 years ago

I’m staying with the “Fenella is cute” opinion… Roger Waters on the other hand is most not cute…

2022 years ago

Looking like Roger Waters doesn’t make you ugly. I think she’s beautiful.

James Russell
2022 years ago

Looking like Roger Waters doesn’t make you ugly.

It does if you’re Roger Waters.
Mind you, he appears to have improved with age. He’s no longer quite as odd-looking as he was in the photos you see of Pink Floyd from the 60s and 70s.

James L.
James L.
2022 years ago

I saw Roger Waters at the Ent. Centre during his tour a couple of years ago.

Indeed, he’s nowhere near as ugly as he used to be, and surprisingly turned out to be a charismatic and highly entertaining performer.

Fenella is easily the least awful of the movie show crowd. What’s with megan and the warts?

2022 years ago

It’s as simple as this:

Roger Waters = ugly man (sorry, Zoe, you’re both crazy and brave to argue with this)

Fenella Kernebone = beautiful woman

No similarity.

Much better photo of Fenella at the Movie Show website:


2022 years ago

I’d bang Fenella in a heartbeat.