Rapping About WAP

Tim Dunlop is reviewing Keith Windschuttle’s latest potboiler, The White Australia Policy over at Road to Surfdom. So far Tim’s got through the first two paragraphs. If he’s going to review it paragraph by paragraph, I don’t envy him the task!

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Geoff Honnor
Geoff Honnor
2024 years ago

I think it’s often useful to read a book before you review it. In that spirit, I’ve resolved to buy Windschuttle’s book and what’s more, read it. I do so with some trepidation. Windschttle ain’t no Simon Schama and reading him does involve a degree of …um…application. But Xmas spirit and all that.

2024 years ago

Geoff – I think we all should admire Tim’s endurance in getting through two paragraphs of Winny!