Tsunamis: Online Appeals

I concur wholeheartedly with Scott’s condolences for those affected by the terrible tsunamis. I’ve posted the links for readers in Scott’s thread, but I’ll repeat the post here of some links to bloggers advising of appeals which can be accessed online as well, as it’s easier to click on the link rather than cut and paste it from the comments box.

Via Rob Corr at Kick & Scream, here’s how to donate to the Australian Red Cross. John Quiggin has posted a variety of appeal links on his blog. And David Tiley has some moving coverage of these tragic events and their human consequences at Barista.

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2024 years ago

Thanks for the links. However, given the less than entirely honest behaviour Red Cross showed after Bali and the PNG tsunami appeal (they diverted a sizable proportion of the funds raised into other, less “popular” campaigns) – I’ll be donating another group such as Oxfam.