Greatest pop and rock songs..

Just popping my head up briefly from festive celebrations and heinous manuscript revisions to urge you all to take part in Norm Geras’ poll, re your selections for the greatest ten pop and rock songs of all time. Email Norm, and give him your list now(entries close Jan 17)! The more people vote on their best, the merrier!
To get you started, here’s my own eclectic list(in no particular order)of songs I love..
Sympathy for the Devil (Stones); Yesterday(Beatles); Thunder Road (Springsteen); Sail away(Deep Purple); Magnolia(JJ Cale); Foxy Lady(Hendrix); Message in a Bottle(Police); Black Dog(Led Zep); Minstrel in the Gallery(Jethro Tull); Dreams by the Sea(John Martyn).
What’s interesting too is I’ve badgered my family into sending in their lists–and even the youngest, 15 year old Bevis, voted for songs within that era-range (his included ACDC, Blondie and Michael Jackson, as well as Led Zep, Hendrix and co).

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Mark Bahnisch
2022 years ago

Hey, happy new year, Sophie and hope you had a wonderful xmas.

I was watching the “Big Chill” last night and was reminded of how much I loved “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and everything by The Band!

2022 years ago

Sophie, can you post the link to Norm’s blog, please?

2022 years ago

I’ve tried and tried to post a live link, but for some reason it just wont’s work. Here’s the details:
songs songs son.html