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Saintinastraightjacket at DogFightAtBankstown reminds us that 2005 is the UN Year of Microcredit. I agree with Saint that microcredit is an aid approach worth supporting. Go read his post for lots more info.

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Mark Bahnisch is a sociologist and is the founder of this blog. He has an undergraduate degree in history and politics from UQ, and postgraduate qualifications in sociology, industrial relations and political economy from Griffith and QUT. He has recently been awarded his PhD through the Humanities Program at QUT. Mark's full bio is on this page.
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Homer Paxton
Homer Paxton
2022 years ago

Our own David Bussau is an outstanding leader in this field.

It is a first class idea that works in third world countries.

derrida derider
derrida derider
2022 years ago

Far too many “Year of … “s. They are seriously devaluing the currency – each new one gets less and less attention.