Latho Lost?

MsFits wants to know where Mark Latham’s been. It’s an interesting question – with all that’s been happening from the Bhaktiyaris to the Tsunamis, I can’t remember hearing a lot of reaction or comment from the Labor Party. A search of Google News tends to suggest MsFits is right.

I would imagine that Latho’s probably on hols. Fair enough, I guess. But I wonder who’s minding the shop? Googling for mentions of ‘Labor’ in the Oz Media over the past week doesn’t turn up a lot of comment from the Opposition. You mostly get stories about Gough and Khemlani and gems to start a positive year off like “Labor Right plots pre-selection coups”.

Simon’s on the job, though. That’s alright, then.

ELSEWHERE: Liam Hogan at Cut Price Commentariat tracks the story around the blogosphere.

BREAKING NEWS: Latho’s ill again. Poor bloke.

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2024 years ago

perhaps he slipped and fell off the ladder of opportunity? might be another leaping leo compo claim in the offing?

Mark Bahnisch
2024 years ago

It’s not online, but the Australian today reported that Latho is on four weeks’ holidays and had declined to return to Canberra to receive a briefing on the tsunami disaster. Rudd’s handling it well, his spokesperson said. Downer pointedly said the offer was open indefinitely.

I don’t at all cavil with his right to take holidays – and I’m sure he had a shitty few months and deserves a rest. But it’s dumb politics not to at least pop up on the news or go back to Canberra for one day to be briefed. Particularly as both Blair and Bush were criticised for not returning from hols.

Geoff Honnor
Geoff Honnor
2024 years ago

I feel for him re the Pancreatitis but if it’s been in train for the last 10 days, wouldn’t it have been sensible to have advised same, with formal responsibility passed to other Labor spokepeople well before now? I know there’s a political risk inherent in being perceived to be ‘sickly’ but there’s a much greater risk in being perceived not to give a fuck.

I understand that Chris Evans is now acting Leader and Kevin Rudd was making some mileage this am but it looks like catch-up. It also looks like the one-man band syndrome is still playing out.

Mark Bahnisch
2024 years ago

Yep, I tend to agree Geoff.

I can’t help wondering if Latho’s illness persists, we might see a new leader soon.

2024 years ago

Latham’s not lost, he’s just being hidden

This rumour’s going through the Australian blogosphere like prunes through a nursing home full of hungry pensioners.
Ms Fits has it, Martin Pike has it, Troppo Armadillo are coming down with it, and the likely originator, Crikey, has it baaad.