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I must be getting old. I had no idea til I read about it at Virulent Memes that Einstuerzende Neubauten had a new release out in 04… Anyone care to list the best new albums of the year just gone?

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2024 years ago

Yeah, yet Strategies Against Architecture with Blixa still gets a workout on my iPod.

2024 years ago

The Scissor Sisters were an ongoing joy throughout this grim year. A bit of glam with hooks that didn’t let go. Laura is my pick for pop song of the year. Sir Nick also provided some highs especially “There She Goes, My Beautiful World” and Bjork gave us the sublime Medulla which I kept going back to time after time.

2024 years ago

I’m going to stick up for RAWK! and mention Velvet Revolver’s “Contraband.” It was a bloody good album of loud guitar driven hard RAWK!. Also must mention Dallas Crane’s selt titled album. A very, very fine piece of OZ RAWK! that was familiar without being derivative. If only more bands used analog recording. It does have that nice, warm full sound of yore.

2024 years ago

John Frusciante’s “When shadows collide with people”.

2024 years ago

I just realised my two best albums for 2004 came out in 2003. Time slipping. Ah well at least it wasn’t 1972 or something.

2024 years ago

I am thinking of coming up with a list of Best Albums of 2004 I Have Never Heard, there would be far more on that.

Universal United House of Prayer — Buddy Miller (Think I’ll start a new school of philosophy, Musical Theism. For people who suspend their agnosticism while listening to kickarse gospel music.)

Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs Tom Russell
Van Lear Rose Loretta Lynn
Lifeline Iris Dement (More Musical Theism)

2024 years ago

I say:

1) Manic Street Preachers – Lifeblood
2) Morrissey – You are the Quarry
3) The Cure – The Cure
4) U2 – How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
5) Tears for Fears – Everybody loves a happy ending

Other notables include good albums from Interpol and The Killers.

I’m still holding out for a new Depeche Mode album though…