Lo, How the Mighty Have Fallen


The SMH previews new tv shows for 2005. This is really sad:

Rock Star (Nine)

In a nutshell INXS search for a new singer, with auditions in the US, Canada, Australia, Britain and Japan.

Biggest hurdle Too much American polish on an Australian band.

X factor Producer Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Apprentice) and the Australian connection.

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2024 years ago

It looks like a pretty uninspiring bunch of shows. More Law and Order spin offs, more CSI franchises, more reality TV.. groan.

The sad part is arrested development will make way for all this. Can’t we stay in non-ratings forever??

2024 years ago

More Law and Order spin offs, more CSI franchises, more reality TV

Sounds like my perfect line up.

I am with you on Arrested Development though. Brilliant. I just bought the 1st series DVD on eBay so I don’t have to cope with Seven’s disrespect

Re: the INXS show. It’s rock and roll man. Don’t look back. Onwards, ever onwards. Mark Burnett has solid credentials in creating quality, entertaining TV.

I love the band, and was devastated when Michael died (thinking of Nick Cave singing Into Your Arms at the funeral still makes me weepy) but I trust those guys to make it work.

2024 years ago

How about upping the class stakes –

Bassoon Idol where people vote for a new member of the woodwind section in the SSO.

JM Factor – People vote for the best essay on the latest JM Coetzee novel.

CSI (Contemporary Sculpture Investigation) – crack art critics (or art critics on crack) work out what a pile of used nappies really means.

2024 years ago

Agree on Arrested Development. I’ll add in Scrubs and Firefly as thoroughly neglected quality shows.

nick paul
nick paul
2024 years ago

The non-ratings period has allowed a few decent shows to pop-up.

I assume deemed unsuitable for mass consumption, they are shelved during ratings.

Seven is a pretty major offender in this regard e.g. AD (two thumb up!).

ABC, well.. Creature Comforts was put together on 2002. WTF?

Mark Bahnisch
2024 years ago

The big disappointment is that the Sopranos won’t be back until 2006 (final series)… As Tony said to Ralph, “is there anything else?”

2024 years ago

We can always hope SBS will bring back Oz sometime soon. I think they only showed the first two series.

2024 years ago

Cripes, can’t they leave well enough alone.

INXS were a good band, sometimes better than good, in their day.

Mark Burnett does make good television, but ultimately what he likes to do is pit people against other people.

Why would anyone want to front a band who haven’t had a hit in aeons.

2024 years ago

Guy Sebastian!

Then we can all fall asleep at night, secure in the knowledge that Western civilisation is doomed.

I remember seeing INXS supporting Mental As Anything at Cloudlands in Brisbane in 1981. The kinda gig that made you believe Aus rock ‘n’ roll could take over the world.

Mark Bahnisch
2024 years ago

Christ, Nabs, I wish I’d been young enough to see a gig at Cloudland. I didn’t get to see INXS until 83 in Festival Hall… (demolished last year to make way for – guess what – wait for it – an apartment building!)

2024 years ago

Arrested Development

For mine, the best show of the 2004/05 non-ratings period has to be Arrested Development. I was hoping it would be good, but it has surpassed all my expectations. It is a delight.

Occasionally the Americans get a sit-com right. They are rare jewe…