Problems With Accessing Comments

Some commenters have reported that it’s not possible currently to post comments. I’m extremely grateful to Evil Pundit for a possible diagnosis of what’s gone wrong. Please read the comments on this thread if you’re having any difficulties. Unfortunately, I’m no technical guru and can’t fix the problem directly. I do hope that it can be resolved soon.

About Mark Bahnisch

Mark Bahnisch is a sociologist and is the founder of this blog. He has an undergraduate degree in history and politics from UQ, and postgraduate qualifications in sociology, industrial relations and political economy from Griffith and QUT. He has recently been awarded his PhD through the Humanities Program at QUT. Mark's full bio is on this page.
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Evil Pundit
2021 years ago

That’s extremely generous of you, Mark. I’m not sure if this will actually help anyone besides myself, but I’ve sketched it out in a bit more detail now:

This applies to people using Norton Internet Security, Norton Personal Firewall, or similar software firewall products.

For people who use this, the default privacy settings on the firewall will prevent posting comments on this site. I just found out how to fix this today.

If you have Norton Internet Security, try disabling the “Privacy Control” section temporarily, and see if this cures your problem. Don’t disable the other sections as this may leave your computer vulnerable to attack.

If it works, then you can change the settings to fix it permanently for this site, without affecting your firewall in any other way. To do this, go to Privacy Control, click on “Configure” and then click on “Advanced”.

Add a new web site in the colum at the left, called “”. Then in the “Global Settings” tab for that address, set “Information about visited sites” to “Permit”. Click “OK”. Posting should now work.

Mark Bahnisch
Mark Bahnisch
2021 years ago

I really am very grateful, EP. Scott’s just reported that he’s on the case and checking out what can be done.

In the meantime, IE users might find this helpful if clicking on the comments box produces an error message:

(a) click on the date stamp at the bottom of the post instead; or –

(b) click on the link under “most recent comments”

Both of these will enable you to access comments threads unless there’s some other problem.

But you should note that every other browser works fine, and give Microsoft software the flick!