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Dean Philip Jensen, whose views on the Tsunami we’ve discussed here and here, has been calling talback in the wee hours, according to the SMH. (Thanks to commenter yellowvinyl for drawing this to my attention). The Dean must have felt that he needed to explain why he was calling in at 2.30am:

Jensen was all steamed up, telling Mitchell his comments had been taken out of context and, as a result, he had been defamed. Admitting he hadn’t actually been listening to the show himself, Jensen said friends had called him up and “woken me from a deep sleep”.

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2024 years ago

He also has a letter to the Ed. in the Oz today:

WITH deep regret I must protest your recent editorial attack upon my character (4/1).

When approached by a journalist from The Daily Telegraph to join in a debate (started by others in the media) about God’s part in the tsunami, I spent considerable time explaining to him the total impropriety of discussing the issue at this time……….

Serves him right for talking to the Daily Telegraph.

2024 years ago

God did not send any tsunami

Following Anglican Dean of Sydney, Phillip Jensen’s claims that the Asian tsunami disaster was “an act of God… a warning of God’s judgment”, and the subsequent rebukes from other members of the religious community, there has been a flurry of activi…