“yes i own a monaro”

Back in December Scott wrote about Internet dating. Yellowvinyl has been a participant in the cyberdating game, and has some interesting (and sharp!) reflections on the vicissitudes of finding a partner online. Unfortunately Livejournal doesn’t support trackback, but Troppo readers may enjoy reading the two entries yellowvinyl wrote.

Despite yellowvinyl’s scepticism, it’s touching though to reread the comments on Scott’s post and remember that FXH and Nabs found each other on the net.

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2022 years ago

thx for the rap, Mark. I also just reread Scott’s comments thread and remembered that Troppo also failed me as a dating site :)


David Tiley
2022 years ago

Maybe the problem with troppo is that there’s too much laughin’ and not enuff lovin’.

Sad to say that in the past I’ve had events with young ladies which were so hilarious that the idea of sex simply became ridiculous. So we separated weeing ourselves with laughter.

Geoff Honnor
Geoff Honnor
2022 years ago

“The internet is great because it removes that fear of approach or rejection. You get to know each other in a risk-free situation at home, and by the time you decide to meet you have a good idea of what person you are meeting.”

That sweet, naive and trusting comment was contributed by the ever-optimistic Guido who has clearly never been on Gaydar.

Scott Wickstein
2022 years ago

I think it is more a ‘Melbourne vs Sydney’ thing Geoff.

Please lets not turn Troppo into a dating agency- at least, not until I’ve figured out how to make a quid out of it.