The Case for Beazley


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Alan E Brain
2024 years ago

Operates at great depth too. Very manouverable – the summersaults it pulled justifying the ALP policy over Iraq were acrobatically breathtaking.

Right now though, it’s making too much noise.

James Hamilton
James Hamilton
2024 years ago

Anybody ALP parliamentarian or policy maker who thinks the ALP should not have got behind the Govt on asylum seekers (Tampa)ie that Kim was wrong on that issue is a more effective Howard supporter than I’ll ever be.

Only Kim can beat Howard. That’s not to say Kim will beat Howard, he propbably won’t but it will be more the fault of his opponents in the party than his.

Julia would get eaten. Eaten.

2024 years ago

Above Us The Waverers

Coincidentally, Don Arthur has just smashed the M