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Fresh from her win as Best Australian Personal blog, Gianna proves what her readers knew all along – she can post some damn good politics as well. Her whole post is worth reading, but her point that Ruddy’s comment that the ALP is a “God awful shambles” will come back to haunt him is a good one. You can just see the grab in the Lib tv ads… Gianna thinks Gilly handled the concession more acutely than Ruddy.

I agree with her contention that the debate was a good thing for the party, as argued below. Flutey puts the contrary view at The Daily Flute.

Ok, that’s it for me today. Rainy day in ‘Vegas – good thesis writing weather…

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Dave Ricardo
Dave Ricardo
2022 years ago

Gillard handled her non-candidacy much better than Rudd. She’s got a big profile now; she’s put Beazley on notice in a non-threatening yet pointed way; she even got Miranda Devine eating our of her hand.

Gillard is playing the long game. She knows the fat man will lead the Opposition just as he did last time – with a minimum of effort, and a minimum of effectiveness. Yesterday’s announcement by Gillard is very much a case of ‘reculer pour mieux sauter’.

2022 years ago

I agree Gilly’s thinking ahead. calling on Beazley to leave the Right is very smart – it enables her to disarm the “left wing” thing by making a similar pledge if she runs, while not being seen as a “rat” and maintaining the loyalty of the Left.

she’s a clever cookie, I’m thinking…

2022 years ago

yeah, that is clever, yv .. didn’t pick up on that – nice move indeed – some faction busting is what that decrepit old party needs

Mark Bahnisch
2022 years ago

I also think yellowvinyl’s onto something here – no doubt why the Beazer declined to comment on Ruddy’s characterisation and why Ruddy himself backed well away from it last night on the teev.

2022 years ago

cheers Mark!

like yellowvinyl’s point too.

2022 years ago

I particularly liked her remarks about going “large” and ditching the “small targets”, i.e. trying to win an election by conviction rather than by appeasement.

As well as her highlighting of “timidity”. I think, though, that “timorousness” better describes this self-imposed constraint on the ALP’s behaviour.

Although, the Beezer’s ditching of the private school and Tassie forest policies doesn’t auger to well for a bolder approach….