Cash on demand, Soy Massage Oil and Miss Sixty Jeans

Trackback spam is coming in thick and fast this afternoon. As blogs’ defences have eliminated much comment spam, this is the new spammers’ method of choice. What’s extremely outrageous is that some of the spam that Troppo has been reeling under appears to come from legitimate commercial sites selling jeans and massage oils, as well as the ubiquitous shonky loanshark mob. Perhaps Ken will write these people a strongly worded legal letter?

The other irritating thing is that the MT Blacklist server doesn’t block trackbacks from blacklisted domains automatically, but you have to manually despam the last 40 pings. Anyone know a way of reconfiguring this?

In the meantime, if you’d like to discuss a Troppo entry at your blog, send me an email and I’ll link to your post in the body of the relevant entry.

About Mark Bahnisch

Mark Bahnisch is a sociologist and is the founder of this blog. He has an undergraduate degree in history and politics from UQ, and postgraduate qualifications in sociology, industrial relations and political economy from Griffith and QUT. He has recently been awarded his PhD through the Humanities Program at QUT. Mark's full bio is on this page.
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2021 years ago

bring back trackbacks! miss sixty jeans rock :)

just kidding.

2021 years ago

This is strange. I notice that I’ve been hit with it too today, but only through checking Hotmail “Junkmail”. It doesn’t seem to show up in the archived entries either. If it is invisible, is de-spamming neccessary?

2021 years ago

I believe the MT-Blacklist is being modified to bulk delete trackback pings but it’s probably easier sticking to the ping deletion mechanism for the present.