A little game..

..to cheer us all up–or not, as the case may be! There’s this game doing the rounds in the blogosphere, which goes under the unofficial moniker of ‘Ten things I’ve never done.’ The whole point is they’re supposed to be reasonably ordinary things–no point writing you’ve never committed murder, for instance! I thought I’d get the ball rolling here at TA by writing down ten things I’ve never done, in no particular order. Then it’s on to you..

I’ve never..
–liked the taste of Coca-Cola(even as a kid, I thought it tasted just like cough medicine)
–completed a cryptic crossword(come to think of it, hardly ever completed an ‘easy’ crossword!)
–owned a video player(that technology bypassed me entirely–but I now own a DVD player)
—bought a mobile phone(but had one given to me)
–owned a microwave oven
—won in a game of chess
–watched The Exorcist (much too chicken to do so!)
—read Jonathan Livingstone Seagull(despite everyone else in my fourth form class having done so, it seemed)
–been a member of any political party;
–been to the Northern Territory, Tasmania, or WA

The only ones I hope to change are winning at chess(highly unlikely) and visiting NT, WA and Tassie (quite likely). The rest–well, I don’t think I’m missing anything.

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2024 years ago

I’ve never seen this particular game outside the version known as “Never Ever.” (To summarise, it’s a drinking game. You name a sexual activity you’ve never done. Anyone who has done that activity must drink — if noone else has either, you must drink.)

There was a related game doing the rounds on LiveJournal a while back, which was name 10 things you have done that you don’t think your readers will have done. There doesn’t seem to have been a provision about it needing to be common things though, but they did have to be entertaining (being born to your mother on a particular day was not considered a good contribution, but I saw one person’s “I spent 587 days in a Chilean prison camp” get a lot of approval).

2024 years ago

“read Jonathan Livingstone Seagull”
Which is unintentionally funny if you have seen enough kung-fu films, and parodies thereof.

Nicholas Gruen
2024 years ago

1. Jumped out of a plane.

2. Read or even tried to read more than a page or two of Proust. (This is not intended to disparage him. Its just that after reading a few paras my tiny brain starts thinking of things other than what it’s reading on the page.

2024 years ago


owned a mobile phone
been married
read War and Peace
watched Friends
run a marathon (many half-marathons)
watched an Aussie Rules game
watched a soccer game
bought a Beatles record
contemplated yoga
seen ‘A Clockwork Orange’

2024 years ago

Hope to change 2 and 5.

2024 years ago

Hmm… I’m getting too many ideas from those mentioned already. Damn those cryptic crosswords!

I’ve never…

– lived outside of Sydney
– camped out for more than a night
– listened to a full Rolling Stones album
– gone to a dance party
– worked in retail
– received the dole
– finished reading Ulysses
– grown a moustache
– read any religious texts cover to cover

James Farrell
James Farrell
2024 years ago

1. I’ve visted every continent except Antarctica and spent a total of around two years in different parts of Europe, but I haven’t been to the British Isles except for the odd transit at Heathrow.

2. Phillip Adams did a story once on LNL about the sanitisation of death in modern societies in contrast to its ubiquity throughout the rest of history. He introduced it with words along these lines: ‘In our society it’s quite possible to go through life, reach a considerable age and even die oneself, without having ever once seen a corpse.’ I was completely overcome by a feeling of having been found out. Not that I’ve quite exactly died myself, but I was forty then and it was a few years ago, and, well, nothing’s changed. Anyone else reached middle age without seeing a corpse?

2024 years ago

Does 40 count as middle age? It was one day after that birthday I saw my first (and so far only) corpse.

2024 years ago

This is off topic but you may able to help madam moiselle Masson.

Even if you’re not, it sounds much better than Madam.

I’m hoping you can help.

Kerb in Australian English refers to the kerbside of the road.

Do we use that kerb or this curb when referring to restraining something in Australian English?

James Farrell
James Farrell
2024 years ago

Curb isn’t written kerb in any language, Vee. But Americans write curb for kerb. Do you possess a dictionary?

David Tiley
2024 years ago

What a heap of possibilities

– been marrried
– successfully spoken a second language
– been to prison
– flown an aeroplane
– stamped on a mobile phone
– walked in the Himalayas
– added up successfully
– been tall
– been a woman
– danced the tango

Bit of a pattern there. Really I long to be a tall, dashing Argentinian pilot.