They could do with some of these in Iraq..

An amazing story was reported today, about another kidnapping crisis ending happily, and a captive rescued from cruel kidnappers: you can find it at

At first I thought there’d maybe been a bit of a linguistic or cultural misunderstanding, and that maybe ‘lions’ was really a metaphor for ‘lion-hearted warriors’ or whatever, but it seems it’s the genuine thing. Reminded me of reading in a medieval bestiary how lions would rescue people, and feeling rather superior as I read it. Seems I owe those medieval writers an apology!

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Francis Xavier Holden
2024 years ago

awimoweh, awimoweh, awimoweh.. in the jungle the mighty jungle……

2024 years ago

Sort of Androcles and the Lion updated.

Very nice story. Hope it has a happy ending for the woman concerned.