Chuffed with the power of open source

I’m excited. I’m chuffed.

I’ve published plenty of articles in journals and, though I thought some of them were good, and a number had important implications for various things, I’ve rarely had more than the slightest sign of life in articles once they’ve been published, unless I did a big ‘road show’ on them. Until now.

Yesterday Andrew Norton forwarded me an email noting that my article on open source software had picked up lots of hits on the Policy website – 4,000, – though it had not received any media publicity. Now, since I don’t think that 4,000 Troppodillians will have downloaded the essay just to make sure people sit up and take notice, it looks like a very fitting example of what the net is capable of. Picking up items even if they don’t get heaps of publicity.

I’m not sure how it got picked up by osnews but this seems to have done the trick. So far there are 37 comments at this thread of which my favourites are “Brilliant essay” and “Beautiful article”!

* Postscript. 29 Jun 05. A Brazilian company have written requesting (and receiving) permission to translate the article into Portuguese and post it on their website.

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Jacques Chester
Jacques Chester
2022 years ago


Slashdot rejected it again, but I’m sure that after a few other people submit it you might see your name in soothing green lights.

Nevertheless, well done!

Nicholas Gruen
2022 years ago

Thanks Jacques,

As you know, I tried to post this myself on Slashdot, but the signing in and carrying on was more than I could take and I gave up. If anyone out there in the Tropposphere wants to help out and knows how to submit to Slashdot, please feel free to do so.

John Quiggin
John Quiggin
2022 years ago

A very nice piece, and I’m glad it’s getting attention.