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Today I found the message that Ken posted when Mark Bahnisch joined the team, with a profile and all that stuff, and I realised that Ken has been too busy to post the my cv. This is no big deal, but in case anyone is interested… There is also a photo that is only few years out of date on my old site that is still adrift in cyberspace, like an electronic Marie Celeste or Flying Dutchperson.

Rafe Champion hails from the country in the vicinity of Irishtown and the Lower Scotchtown Road in Circular Head, Tasmania, where Copper Creek meets Allan Creek and flows into the meandering Duck River. A keen student of cricket at Launceston Grammar School, he studied badminton and Agricultural Science at the University of Tasmania. His subsequent research in Agronomy, Sociology and the history of ideas has been pursued at a number of sites including the Waite Institute in Adelaide, the Uni of NSW and the Forest Lodge Hotel. He can remember quite a lot of the 1960s despite being there at the time. That means he can remember when Melbourne won a premiership in the VFL. He played Australian rules as a pivot, most recently in a Uni of Adelaide team captained by Professor Geoff Harcourt. He played union in the second row for Lincoln College and pusued his rugby league career in the front row for the Australian Council for the Arts. His mission on Troppo is to lift the kicking game of the Whigs and get some field position in the opposition half.

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2024 years ago


Between me and you and the blogging public I’m finding Mr Civility a little less than polite lately.
I wholeheartedly apologise to you for his bad manners and will comprehensively list his shortcomings right after I have finished flicking between the war and sport on our free to air broadcasters tonight.