(Which) ref’s call?

Interesting problem halts games in the Nigerian football league.

“Away teams rarely win games in the Nigerian league while many teams usually rely on securing points through protests to the league’s disciplinary committee.”

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Cameron Riley
2024 years ago

Is Barry Gomersall head of the Nigerian referee association?

2024 years ago

Is that the galloping grasshopper? He would be sprayed with DDT if he turned up in Africa.

2024 years ago

Refereeing is a blight in the Italian Serie A.

It is scandal how many good decisions the big clubs get, especially Juve and Milan. The corruption must be institutionalized. It got so bad last season that I just about stopped watching.

An example. Collina very rarely referees a game involving a big club and a littl’un.

But when Milan and Juve basically had to play off for the title, guess who got the game?

An appalling tarnish to what is otherwise the best league.