Intelligent design


I have always felt that a cold hard universe cannot explain the yumminess of a really good spaghetti marinara. And so I was pleased to see spaghetti coming centre stage in that tussle for openness of mind being waged on behalf of the theory of intelligent design.

Indeed, looking at my own cartoons of many years ago, the parallels are uncanny – nay eerie.

The same themes. The same insight, though I’ll admit dimly grasped in those days.

Spaghetti bridge bW.gif

Earth sir, Planet Earth.gif

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2024 years ago


Unlike all other gods I can think of, the Spaghetti God would have at least one salutory effect on human well being by encouraging the eating of pasta, a low GI food, in obeisance.

My own version of the “transubstantiation” of noodles to the gustatory gloria of the holy “spaghetti marinara” would be as follows.

1. I would begin with linguine rather than spaghetti.

2. The “marinara” would be “in bianco” i.e., no tomato. Although, a nice variation is fresh, ripe, skinned, seeded and chopped tomatoes or cherry tomatoes.

3. The base of the sauce would be olive oil, chillies and garlic. Just smash the garlic and leave it chunky.

4. The seafood would be shellfish: cockles, clams, mussels, prawns, moreton bay bugs, cooked in their shells in the olive oil, chilli and garlic. Finished off with some white wine.

5. Add the pasta to the seafood. Loosen with some of the starchy pasta water which you have saved to assist the oil coat the pasta. The oil should only coat, there should be nothing left in the bowl at the end.

6. Sprinkle with chopped parley. Serve with crusty bread and a Clare riesling (not too cold).

I’m starving. Off to the Central Market for some “Korean taxi driver food”. Bim Pla Bam I think?

Nicholas Gruen
2024 years ago


I can see that we suffer a similar passion.

I’ll be round for observances and obeisances, evensong and evenlinguine at your place next time I’m in Adelaide – invited or not.

Homer Paxton
Homer Paxton
2024 years ago

the meal must be had with a bottle of red otherwise you will not appreciate it.

91 Lakes Folly cabernet still tastes good and isn’t too big to knock off the flavour of the meal but I am open to suggestions

Gummo Trotsky
2024 years ago

I like the rendition of the colosseum. It makes it look like the work of a demented dental technician. Nice visual pun.

2024 years ago

“Evenlinguine”, I love it.

Nicholas, you are more than welcome.

Homer, a cabernet, I don’t know. I thought the acidity in riesling would complement the basic oiliness of the dish.

But then I’m not averse to red with seafood. I’m not a big Sangiovese fan. Possibly a cab merlot, or a cool climate shiraz from the Coonamwarra or Clare.

2024 years ago


Homer Paxton
Homer Paxton
2024 years ago

Gaby, a light red is best.
If one could find a decent pinot nior that would be the one however Iam yet to be convinced there is a decent one in OZ.