Operating systems

I thought readers – well some readers – might like to see one company’s – Peach Discount Mortgage Broking’s – take on operating system market shares. Here it is. Linux has a long way to go!

Operating System   % of Total
1. Windows XP 75.30%
2. Windows 2000 11.95%
3. Windows 98 5.66%
4. Macintosh OS X 1.59%
5. Linux 1.35%
6. Windows ME 1.35%
7. Windows NT 1.20%
8. Macintosh PPC 0.96%
9. Windows 2003 0.56%
10. Windows 95 0.08%

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2024 years ago

The figures are for home users. The situation is quite different in server land.

Jim Steel
2024 years ago

Are these based on hits to a certain website?

Nicholas Gruen
2024 years ago


Cameron Riley
2024 years ago

The company I am with only supports windows on their intranet. Our business unit runs an array of ten servers, which are mission-critical-enterprise-double-plus-good; they are all Red Hat.

I used to run Thinkpads with variants of Red Hat on it. My iBook has replaced them. Despite using ubuntu recently and being surprised who neat a package it was, I wont be turning in my Apple Hardware and OSX operating system anytime soon.