Behold the heavens – Nebula IC 1396


I think it was Barista that first pointed me towards this marvellous site. It opens up with all the other daily sites I load on my Mozilla Firefox browser – which has tabs unlike Internet Explorer unless they’ve done some updating and not told me about it. Jeez these guys are slow. (By way of contrast the speed of open source is truly amazing – Wikipedia already has an incredibly comprehensive article on Hurricane Katrina! But I digress.

Every night before he goes to bed, 7 year old Alexander insists on seeing the picture of the day. He missed out tonight – too tired. That means that tomorrow night he will ask to see the ‘archives’ so he can see what he missed the previous night. I asked Alexander tonight why he was such a great kid. He just shrugged his shoulders.

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2021 years ago

Thanks for the link, Ncholas. It’s fantastic!

John Schindler
John Schindler
2021 years ago

Thanks for this Nicholas. It is so good to see something like this every day so that we can keep things in perspective.