If we lose – this is why

I like sport, but I don’t think you’ll get many sport posts out of me.

But in my opinion we’re being uniquely ourselves in the way we’re losing the ashes. Good on the Poms for playing so well, particularly their bowlers. And it’s been amazing to watch Warnie. Warnie’s never looked better. And since my son goes to school at the same school as his nippers, I am pleased to announce that his wife Simone Warne looks like a weight has been lifted from her too. So, in the words of Wilde, looks like a divorce made in heaven.

In any event it’s been amazing how unadventurous we’ve been in plugging the gaps left by the poor performances of all our batsmen. Perhaps one leaves in Ponting (because he’s one of the few batsmen on either side who’s got a century and looked pretty serious about trying his best – not because he’s captain). And the circumstances don’t seem to suit Langer but he’s played as carefully as he could and just not clicked. So I’d leave him in.

I don’t know much about the personnel in our side beyond all the ageing stars from past tests, but Hussey, Symonds and Watson are all OK. They should have been given a go. Hussey (I think) is a wicket keeper. Watson would give us more depth as an all rounder and Symonds can play very well and seemed to rise to the occasion during the one day series (when he wasn’t hung-over).

And one could make room for them by getting rid of Katich, Martyn and Hayden. Maybe you leave Gilchrist in for sentimental reasons – if there are any other players up to it you give them a go.

Geez guys, its a game. Make it interesting, be bold, take a chance, and if it doesn’t come off, at least some newcomers have got a go and will be the better for it. The conservatism of our selectors has been very sad but not very unusual to behold.

Poor old Ricky hasn’t covered himself with glory with his comments, but I like him anyway. This morning he was reported as saying words to the effect of “If we lose, I’m not the only one to blame.” Too true Ricky, but you leave that up to others to say.

Oh well, maybe we’ll win. Not having a 9 to 5 job I’ve been able to restructure my days around keeping an eye on a lot of this series and it’s been a remarkable time. I’ll miss it.

Right now it’s England 20 for no wicket. They won the toss – again. And when we did win the toss, we put them in to bat! Only one person to blame for that Ricky.

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2022 years ago

It’s getting a bit more interesting now, but how long can Warne bowl for.

Nic White
2022 years ago

You mean WHEN we lose?

2022 years ago

Watson is rubbish, he’s not good enough as either a batsman or a bowler to be considered. Symonds could only be considered as a batsman, and if that’s the case then there are better prospects like Hussey and Hodge.

The fact that you’d even consider dropping Gilchrist suggests that any other suggestions you have to make aren’t worth considering, but you’re right about one thing – Matthew Hayden is really struggling.

“Sentimental Reasons” indeed.