From the SMH on the NZ campaign.

Then there was an . . . unforgettable moment when a semi-naked, anti-Labour protester (later dubbed Undies Man) jumped in front of the PM, who promptly asked for a magnifying glass and branded him a “disappointment”.

Us boys couldn’t get away with the equivalent comment these days. But there you go – it was a funny line.

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Stephen Bounds
2024 years ago

Nicholas, I have to disagree. The man is clearly a disruptive protester, which entitles the person being targeted to dismiss them with ridicule if they wish — male or female.

The problem with your statement is that there *isn’t* an equivalent comment which can be made for a female. The options would be picking on either weight or breast size, neither of which convey the same sense of amused dismissal without being overly cruel.

Do you seriously think the man’s ego has been hurt by Helen Clark’s comments? Do you seriously think she is being sexist? Looked at from a certain angle, the whole scenario is pretty close to a man jumping out from a bush and flashing a woman, after all.

Sexism and indecent acts by men and women can’t be judged by the same yardstick. If a woman did the same thing to a man, there isn’t the same sense of menace. The man would probably think or say “thank you”!

Nicholas Gruen
2024 years ago

Stephen. I agree with you.