Feyerabend alert

Check out this post on Catallaxy for a good interview with a friend and colleague of the late Paul F, philosopher of science, dadaist, man about town, opera buff and prodigious correspondent.

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Nicholas Gruen
2022 years ago

Thx for the link Rafe,

From my own comment at Catallaxy.

“I’m gonna post on this if I can ever get the time. But I’m a Feyarabend man – in so far as I understand the controversy between him and Popper. I take Feyarabend to be arguing that Popper’s great quest for a demarcation criterion had failed, and that, as a believer that one moves on when one’s position looks like it’s been falsified, Popper should have done that too!”

Stand by Troppodillians! It will be a major post if I ever manage it. To quote Jake Blues “Huge” – I’ll be HUGE!.

2022 years ago

Nichalas, I have put more stuff into the original Feyerabend post.

2022 years ago

Sorry Nicholas (no offence)I am running late for my eyepointment with the optermietrist.

2022 years ago

I mean the optomeyetrist.

2022 years ago

On a more serious note, but still in haste, I should get Harry Mackenzie to do an interview with Feyerabend, as he did with Karl Popper.
(Link in signature).