Sydney pub night 9 Oct

Nicholas Gruen is coming to town next weekend, Sunday Oct 9.

It is a long way from home so he might appreciate some convivial company.

What if we make this an opportunity for a bloggers night out?

How about the Clock Hotel in Crown Street, Surry Hills?

Any takers, any other suggestions for a venue?

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David Tiley
2024 years ago

Message from Melbourne to our northern cousins:

Mr Gruen is terrific company. Look after him well.

Oh, and it’s about time another one of youse came south, so we can have some fun.

Nicholas Gruen
2024 years ago

Thus emboldened by David (a good man – so it seems to my unsteady eye) I intend to arrive by carriage with wig, gown and powder. I shall declaim on Adam Smith. Comprehension tests will be given.

2024 years ago

I have to check whether they have parking for carriages at the Rooty Hill RSL (Railway Parade, Rooty Hill) where i am booking a room for Nicholas to stay the night.

Well it meets one of the three criteria you specified.