Troppo Candidate Veselin goes over the Top

Topalov, known affectionately on tihs site as Troppolov is World Champion.

In a personal message to Troppodillians, Veselin said “Comrades, I couldn’t have done it without you”. Apparently in his darkest hours Troppolov took great comfort from Rafe Champion’s notes on the trials and tribulations of Les Darcy, Sophie’s battle with “People for the liberation – if necessary by force – of correct views about anarchism“, now faded into blogging history – but not the high point of the discussion (“Get arguing or get F#cked”), and Ken’s demolition of Immanuel Wallerstein.

“I kept thinking to myself “Get playing or get f#cked” said Troppolov to a crowded press conference. “That was the key”.

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2022 years ago

Inspired by Les Darcy?! Unreal!