David Mery – you read him first on Troppo

Well Troppodilians, you heard it first – well read it first – on Troppo.

A week or so ago having received the link from a friend, Mike Waller, I referred Troppo readers to the story of David Mery, who was held as a terror suspect in Britain under their new laws. It was a fairly scary story.

Thereupon courtesy of a link from the great Barista David joined the discussion. I asked David if he would be happy to speak to media in Australia and he agreed and sent his contacts and will be on Late Night Live tonight.

Best of luck David (even though the segment was recorded last night!)

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David Tiley
2024 years ago

And that is how the blogosphere and traditional media can work together – passing around ideas and approaches.

It also demonstrates the importance of sourcing links and keeping the chain of origin complete. Sometimes I feel dourly fanatical when I do it, particularly for pictures, but it pays off.

David Mery
2024 years ago

Nicholas, many thanks. I hope you’ll understand my accent and find the interview useful! -d