Charitable donations anyone?

I’ve got a bunch of correspondence from charities I give to. I’m not a close observer of these things but I guess their main times of the year are Christmas time and end of tax year time.

Anyway, they’ve been busy with their direct marketing techniques (and I suspect receiving consulting services from the same consultant or outsourcing fund raising to the same direct marketing company). The correspondence of each of them prompts me to give with three choices. The amount we gave last year, twice that or three times that. They’ve been reading their psychology textbooks on ‘framing’.

Last year my cousin Paris gave me a great pressie which was a card with a receipt from the Fred Hollows foundation. Thanks to Paris’s gift to me, someone got their eyesight back. A good thing non?

So this year clients of a well established niche player in the mortgage market will each be receiving similar gifts, rather than corporate pens etc. Maybe some Troppodillians might consider something like this in their own gift giving repertoire (though probably some already do).

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Steve Edney
Steve Edney
2022 years ago

This was how a group of us registered our protest at the office Cris Cringle – ie. getting 20 people to spend $20 eaching buying junk for each other. Seemed much better to give them a receipt for the various donation we made which they can then claim on Tax.

Issy Dye
2022 years ago

I think you’ll find pressie is prezzie. I am an expert on these matterzz.

Nicholas Gruen
2022 years ago

Itz a fair cop.

David Tiley
2022 years ago

That is a very good idea. And a sweet response to the evil kris kringle

derrida derider
derrida derider
2022 years ago

A fabulous idea – some of my friends can now expect receipts for Christmas. And I’ll see if I can convert others to this for the bloody kris kringle.

2022 years ago

A great idea, except that in my family we have an excellent rule, “only buy for kids”. I haven’t come at buying a goat or a couple of chickens for a four year old yet, but it may happen. Expect tantrums.