In bed with a nasty wog – again!

My last trip to bed with a nasty wog brought forth a feast for those Troppodillians who were interested. Some gems from hours of listening to Radio National were unearthed.

Well, I’ve got the dreaded virus again, and expect to recover in the not too distant. In the meantime the same program – Lingua Franca – has excelled itself again.

Last time it was Shakespeare spoken by pirates (well in the accents that cunning linguists had inferred were those of Shakespeare’s time.).

This time we have David Rothenberg, a writer and a jazz musician and Professor of Philosophy and Music. And he’s been jamming with birds. It’s a great 15 minute program. (Click here for Real Media streaming audio).

On the downside, it is not available in MP3 and so I can’t download it and host it from somewhere else. Meaning that in about four weeks the link will be useless – as it was with the pirate Shakespeare. So listen while you can. And if anyone has a full copy of Replay Radio or any other program that will convert streaming audio into MP3s and can get an MP3 of the program to me, I’ll host it and link to it.

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