What is Curves?

One of my relatives, just retired, has a serious and longstanding weight problem, complicated by a bad leg as a result of a car accident many years ago. One leg is shorter than the other (which could have been corrected by a built-up shoe) and that has upset her gait and damaged her knee so that walking became very painful.

From time to time she took on heroic diets but the gains were never consolidated for want of exercise to attack the problem on two fronts.

A few weeks ago her GP suggested she might try a place called Curves at Balgowlah (in Sydney between Mosman and Manly). Acccording to her description this is a rather different kind of gym, for women only, with loose-fitting clothing if desired instead of leotards, no mirrors and no weighing (although they are prepared to measure).

The workouts only take about 30 minutes and they are closely monitored as you move around a circuit of machines with a few minutes on each. It sounded like a modified version of Pilates. The customers are not just people who want to exercise without leotards, they include high powered female execs who want short sessions on the way to an early start at the office.

The family was totally gobsmacked that “A” would take on this kind of thing after a whole lifetime of relative inactivity (apart from walking instead of driving a car). Another friend with a similar problem dropped out of a regular gym because she felt too out of place and it was too hard to detect any improvement in the few weeks that she was prepare to grit her teeth and persist.

Anyway to our surprise the experiment continued past a week and on to three or four weeks. Then came some really surprising news. First of all, she was actually looking forward to the sessions and found herself arriving early, as thought she couldn’t wait to get started! Second, and more remarkable, some of the swelling around the bad knee had subsided and she could walk more easily. This meant that she could revert to her previous walking habits instead of catching cabs to keep the weight off her bad knee.

At this point it appeared that the Curves system is more than a gimic to attract a different category of people to part with money in search of the body beautiful so I decided that some serious reseach was indicated.

Google research reveals that Curves started in the US and is a worldwide, franchise based system, about 10 years old.

This is a very brief description of the principles of the workout.

The Curves story. “The fact that this phenomenal growth has been realized almost entirely through the positive word-of-mouth from Curves members is a true tribute to the value the program provides.” Well, that matches my experience because I have seen no ads and read nothing about it previously.

There are 64 locations in NSW. Scroll down to the Country and State. There is one in the Northern Territory.
Darwin, NT, AU – Darwin City
Shop 2, No. 3 Nylander Street
Stuart Park, Northern Territory 0821
(08) 8981-4411

Please don’t take that as a hint Jen!

I will have to find out about the cost and of course one would like to know more about the scientific basis of the system and the results of “university controlled tests”.

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Cameron Riley
2021 years ago

About three years ago my mum was looking into a change of career. I suggested she buy one of these Curves places that were taking off in the US. She decided not to, and now visits someone else’s franchise each week to workout.

Sons are wise. ……