Grogblogging in Sydney – Evening of Saturday January 28th

I was expecting to be safely ensconced in Melbourne by the 28th but no. I’ll still be in Canberra, so I’m going to do my best to attend the Grogblogging event at 7.30 pm at the City RSL (565 George St). Why it’s at the City RSL beats me. Perhaps I’ll find out on attending. More details here. Attendance for other Troppodillians is compulsory.

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Le Rev Dr
15 years ago


I am, unfortunately, housebound this evening

and can’t make it in to the RSL.

Walk in confident;
back straight, chin high, palms dry
knowing that I approve.

My token contribution to the gentle rivalry

is noting that

civil rights
public relations

and think tanks

only get one entry

wheras CHESS

gets TWO!!


have one (of each) for me!

Bless Y’all,

Le Rev Dr

15 years ago

So, how was the grogblogging? Is everyone still asleep? Inquiring minds want a full briefing!

Shaun Cronin
15 years ago

It was a pleasure to meet you Nicholas last night. Alas I am not the one able to do a full briefing as the Beloved and I weren’t long at the RSL (having to catch a train back to the Central Coast).

Mark Bahnisch
15 years ago

It was lovely to meet everyone, catch up with those I’d met before, and enjoy some good conversations and beer with Sydney bloggers – the last part of the night was really good as we moved away from the music and pool tables to an area where we could actually sit around a table and drink and chat!

There were no shenanigans as far as I could see – and I was there til the end! Aside from LP folks, it was also excellent to meet such Sydney bloggers and commenters as Suki, Weezil, Darp, Tim Lambert, Jason and Don, Stephen Hill, Leinad and Glen Fuller.

Oh, and Andrew Bartlett was very gracious about coming second in the Bernies for political blog :)

The RSL wasn’t the best venue – and Jason has every right to be angry about being told to go home and get his passport while others were waved through without having to show any ID. I certainly wouldn’t patronise an establishment that displays such apparent partiality again.

It seems that the RSL was picked because it’s central and less crowded and noisy than a pub in Surrey Hills where folks had trouble finding each other in 04. But the selectivity of the ID requirements, its general raison d’etre as a pokies temple, and a lot of other factors can’t be compensated for with cheap beer. I’m not having a go at Flashman – it was a great initiative for him to organise it – but I’d suggest either gathering somewhere else on a Thursday night or Sunday afternoon when things aren’t so busy or booking a functions room in a pub. I’m sure there’s a compromise between affordability and a good venue to be found.

Jason Soon
Jason Soon
15 years ago

C8to should go watch ‘Brokeback mountain’ to find out what *real* cowboys get up to …