Anyone fancy being IT Tropmeister?

Stephen Bounds who helped us our hugely in setting up the new site has a business to run and can’t help us in day to day tasks. If anyone has the skill to help us out – in doing things like installing plugins and so on we’d be very grateful if they would let us know.

Please email me on nicholas AT gruen DOT com DOT au if you could help out occasionally. Ken and I can do routine maintenance jobs, but I wouldn’t trust myself installing plugins (we need a backup plugin installed) or updating – as we probably should do – to WordPress 2.

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18 years ago

I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot Troppo pole, but the poor sacrificial geek might like to update some of the links. Tim Dunlop’s link under ‘leftish’ points to my old, now defunct blog—he might not like that.

18 years ago

WordPress 2.01 comes with a backup feature standard, so it’s worth the easy upgrade.