Column hiatus

As the Courier Mail moves to a tabloid format they’ve informed me that they won’t be taking my column. So that’s a bit of a pity. But I was grateful for the chance to do it for over a year. I’ve written around 70 columns so I’ve had a fair chance to get some ideas out there.

Paritcular thanks to David Gruen, Tony Harris, and James Farrell who read almost every column in draft form, pointed to errors and suggested improvements. I am really very grateful to them for all their hard work.

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15 years ago

That’s a pity Nicholas.

I hope it won’t affect your blogging though.

I saw a few weeks ago that you had been syndicated in the Advertiser. I’m an inattentive reader of it so it could easily have been sooner. Nice photo of you and all.

The Advertiser is unambiguously “tabloid” (pejorative intended). The Courier Mail should take this into account.

It was your article on tax churn. It, regrettably, mangled the penultimate paragraph.

David Jacobson
15 years ago

That’s disappointing.

I’m not looking forward to a tabloid Courier if the tabloid Sunday Mail is any guide. The editor describes it as the “compact” format.

david tiley
15 years ago

Maybe you should just talk to the Tiser.

Or whatabout that hotbed of Howard hating, The Age?

You understand about commodities. You are one.

James Farrell
James Farrell
15 years ago

That is indded a shame, Nicholas. But it’s hard to believe another opportunity won’t present itself soon. In any case, I learnt I lot from the columns.

15 years ago

Economists writing intelligibly and thoughtfully (ie not Alan Wood!!!) for laypersons are rare so I’ll just be looking out for you online. Shame really, a bit of MSM goes a long way in this context.

Andrew Leigh
15 years ago

Most people writing about economics in Australia focus on either macro (Gittins, Wood, Colebatch) or micro (Peter Martin, Leigh when he gets off his tush). What I like about your columns is your ability to range across both, as well as entertaining us. Given how important economics is today and how poorly it’s understood by punters, it can’t be long before you find another gig.

15 years ago

Not enough rugby in your top marginal rate forecasts, Nicholas. Or bananas. Or naked foxes drenched in XXXX. You’ve gotta target the market better.