The inaugural Troppo “flogging a dead horse after it’s bolted” award for mixing metaphors

The inaugural award for mixed metaphors goes to David J Hunter for this passage in a poorly argued, but not otherwise woefully expressed effort. It’s in an interesting e-zine (pdf) – Eurohealth hosted by the LSE.

But the jury is out and the stakes and risks are high with the genie out of the bottle there is no turning back.

I offer this in the spirit of fun rather than superiority – which is to say that I won’t promise not to be caught out saying something just as silly myself one day. Readers might like to contribute their own favourites.

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Ken Parish
17 years ago

Just testing if the comment box was working on this post, becase the comment link wasn’t being displayed at the foot of the post.

Ken Parish
17 years ago

And it still isn’t, but the comment facility is working. Very strange.