The cold war: The Torn Curtain

Anyone who missed them should try not to miss the repeats of ‘Torn Curtain’ the ABC Hindsight programs on the cold war. Excellent radio documentary and not too late to pick up one of the most alarming episodes. How Richard Nixon wanted the Russians to think that he was mad and might launch a nuclear attack on them – no joke. Sadly it seems they can’t be downloaded, only listened to online. So the large benefit and convenience of downloading is to be withheld (presumably) so the ABC can make a few pennies selling cassettes and CDs.

I’m not blaming the ABC which is encouraged and funded to act in such a way, but it’s bad economics. Anyway, that’s not the burden of this post. Try not to miss the shows. They’re very good.

Postscript: As indicated in comments below, my claim about the ABC’s not allowing downloads is completely untrue. Total bollocks.   Damages claims should be sent to PO Box 303, Port Melbourne, Vic, 3207.

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17 years ago

First-rate feed Nicholas, thanks for that.

Essential background to the discussion that we have to have about the role of Quadrant when the 50th birthday celebrations get under way!

cs will have a ball!!

17 years ago

I downloaded the audio for the second episode 2 from – and the audio for 1 is at so what are you moaning about?

david tiley
17 years ago

They might have IP problems as well.