Prediction is difficult – especially about the future.

Courtesy of my brother, here’s a quote which would be nice on our banner above, but which is a little long.

The one really rousing thing about human history is that, whether or no the proceedings go right, at any rate, the prophecies always go wrong. The promises are never fulfilled and the threats are never fulfilled. Even when good things do happen, they are never the good things that were guaranteed. And even when bad things happen, they are never the bad things that were inevitable. You may be quite certain that, if an old pessimist says the country is going to the dogs, it will go to any other animals except the dogs; if it be to the dromedaries or even the dragons…It was as if one weather prophet confidently predicted blazing sunshine and the other was equally certain of blinding fog; and they were both buried in a beautiful snowstorm and lay, fortunately dead, under a clear and starry sky.

G.K. Chesterton, The Illustrated London News, April 17, 1926

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Ken Parish
17 years ago

that’s a relief!