Perfect and Perfect Junior collide!

see caption

Courtesy of Slashdot, here is a picture of Jupiter with the two most perfect storms in the solar system heading towards one another. This is what is reported on the NASA website.

Storm #1 is the Great Red Spot, twice as wide as Earth itself, with winds blowing 350 mph. The behemoth has been spinning around Jupiter for hundreds of years.

Storm #2 is Oval BA, also known as “Red Jr.,” a youngster of a storm only six years old. Compared to the Great Red Spot, Red Jr. is half-sized, able to swallow Earth merely once, but it blows just as hard as its older cousin.

Read more if you want here.

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Chris Lloyd
Chris Lloyd
18 years ago

I was one of those kids in the sixties who would send letters to NASA and get a huge pack of technical manuals and signed photographs of astronauts in the mail for my trouble. Gives you an idea of the size of their PR section that they could afford to send this stuff to a 10yo kid down the arse end of asia.

Which is a prelude to saying, I am amazed by the quality of imagery of the outer planets that they are getting these days, including some pretty decent movies that you can download for free.

I had the privilege of meeting an Astronaut four years ago at an airport. I recognised the guy as a member of the last moon mission and got to sit next to him on the plane and ask him the inevitable “what’s it like then?” Shit scary taking off and landing as you might expect. The main thing missing from the images taken on the moon is the incredible clarity with which you can see. The light is 10 times brighter than on earth and there is zero atmopshere, and so zero dust. Everything looks super-real and everything back on Earth looks a little grainy ever after.

18 years ago

In an obvious case of guerilla commentary, yet with respect of Club Troppo’s enjoyment of rugby, and in absence of anything else on the web in a two-hit check, here it is to the Wallabies for tomorrow night’s clash with England. So, cut, pasted or not rugby follows:

And not in full. Merely sentiments, to be righted by those with greater knowledge of the new team chosen.

I think the Wallabies will win.

That is because it’s a guess the scrum will hold, driven by spirit to rise above the enormous occasion against them, as freshmen, in the world arena. Only once, mind. Next week does not bless them so.

And the backs are sensational. In occasional comments at Troppo I’ve held for Rogers for 5/8, as a long term development proposition in the absence of Larkham, but now I’m enjoying having my eyes opened to him at 5/8 with Larkham there. It’s an inspiring choice. For what it’s worth, I think it will work.

So, quick but not balanced summation is the Wallabies will take it out, built on an acceptable scrum, heavy forwards with minds and hearts reconnected to their spiritual drive, and backs alight with the need to create.

Go the boys.

18 years ago

that should read in context above ‘opened to him at IC with Larlkham there’