Aboriginal paintings going cheap

Peter Botsman who runs Australian Prospect sent subscribers an email a day or so ago inviting people to check out and buy aboriginal paintings. Some of them looked good to me so I offered to post them up on Troppo for him – if you’re interested please click on the relevant links over the fold.

The Ngarda Community Trading Floor of the ISX, June 21-22, 2006 held at the 50 Cent Hall, Roebourne, WA was one of our most rewarding and successful experiences of the BAMA/ISX aka Indigenous Stock Exchange. 29 enterprises and projects attracted investments.

However in addition to the direct cash flows that the trading floor was able to generate we have also created website entries and online exhibitions for many of the astonishing Roebourne painters and artists that seem to be emerging every day. To create a website is beyond the reach of many artists and their organisations so we are very happy that this is yet another practical way in which the ISX can support Indigenous people who are working hard to support themselves and their families.

For those of you who don’t know much about the Pilbara, Roebourne was made infamous after the death of John Pat there and the susbsequent formation of the Inquiry into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. Today, Roebourne is undergoing a Renaissance that will culminate in the development of a magnificent cultural centre currently being developed by the Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi Foundation http://www.isx.org.au/projects/1150429857_16557.html This is not just another showcase for the sake of government but a real grass roots development.

One of the best ways you can support Roebourne is to purchase an artwork for your company or for yourself. Have no doubt that many of the paintings listed below represent top investments in Aboriginal culture and art. These works of art are literally another way of seeing the Pilbara region of Western Australia, and the giftedness of the artists is being recognised around the world. So they are tremendous cultural investments.

As you will see many of the artworks in the online exhibition have been sold but there are still just a few left. So don’t miss out. These links are for the artworks that are still available. Nothing beats seeing these art works in person but for those who cannot visit the Pilbara, this is the next best thing. Please call Raelene Saylor or Adam Lockhardt for the sizes and more details about the paintings and to arrange your shipping requirements.

Sharon Warrie, Tableland, $A1,000

Sharon Warrie, When the world was soft, $A1,585

Sharon Warrie, Women’s Markings, $A1,350

Ricky Scott – $A2000

Tom Saylor painting on silk $A462

Tom Saylor, war paddle, $A350

Maudie Jerrold, G1222 $A2,000 Framed

Maudie Jerrold, G1271,   $A2,500 Framed

Maudie Jerrold, G1272,   $A2,000 Framed

Maudie Jerrold 1388, $A1,500 Framed

Loreen Samson, 1262, $A2,000

Loreen Samson, 1259, $A2,000

Clifton Mack, G1401, Millstream Waters, $A2000****

Wendy Warrie, 1119, $A1500

Simon Hubert, 1249, $A2,500 Framed

Simon Hubert, 1223, $A3,000

Norman Alone, 1200, $A1,500

Norman Alone, 1381, $A1381

Please note the ISX does not receive any commission or payment of any kind in relation to any of the artworks listed or sold on the ISX website. We also cannot guarantee that the paintings above will remain unsold, they are available on a first come and first serve basis, subject to negotiation with the art centre coordinators and artists.

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