A great story: from dessert to desert

People speak about their ‘bullshit detector’. I reckon I’ve got one of those as well as a ‘preciousness detector’. Where bullshitting is a particularly (though obviously not exclusively) male vice, preciousness is a particularly (though obviously not exclusively) female one.

When I started listening to this story on Big Ideas, I was suspicious. I still am in a way. But it hardly matters. What an amazing story! From an idyllic childhood as daughter of the ‘palace gardener’ in Cornwall growing all the yummy food for those lucky and biodynamic royals, the story teller ended up near the corner of Australia where the Nothern Territory, South and Western Australia meet in the desert in a humpy, speaking an Aboriginal language and discovering that she was married to the (Aboriginal) man she was sleeping with.

Download the program and be amazed.

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