The economic possibilities of our grand grand nephews: Edmund Pevensee shock revelations!


I vaguely remember wondering if Skandar Keynes – who played Edmund Pevensee (the bad child who gets saved by the others) – was related when I saw the credits. Running into his name again in an unlikely context here, I asked Google if he was related to JM Keynes, which he is – about as directly as one can be to someone who didn’t have any kids. As Keynes lamented, the baron is barren.

Wikipedia reveals that Skandar is the great-great nephew of the great great man. And great great great grandson of Charles Darwin. Keynes’ brother Geoffrey married Charles Darwin’s granddaughter Margaret Darwin.

Now Darwin had a famous grandfather – Erasmus – who published very interesting and well regarded speculations on biology and evolution before him. Likewise Maynard’s Dad John Neville was no slouch publishing a quite important treatise on economic methodology. Meanwhile Steve Sailor drags in the Wedgwoods and Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Ralph Vaughan Williams’s maternal grandmother, Caroline Sarah Darwin, was Charles Darwin’s older sister, and his maternal grandfather, Josiah Wedgwood III, was the older brother of Darwin’s wife Emma. 1

And on it goes. I guess.

  1. Charles Darwin married his first cousin.[]
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