Weekend reflections

Well this item seemed to draw some responses last week, so here it is again.

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Chris Lloyd
Chris Lloyd
17 years ago

On another thread I offered the commented that “We don’t get enough moments like that in Australian politics anymore.” Not being in a reflective mood this weekend, I ask Troppodillians to share their favourite moments in Oz politics.

My favourite is from the 1974 election campaign. After touring the country to get a feel for the pulse, Liberal Opposition leads Billy Snedden told the country “Everywhere I go people know that something is wrong.”

This follows a close second to Clyde Cameron, Whitlam’s Minister for IR, who exclaimed, statesman-like with his finger gesticulating at the heavens, “I look forward to a time when every Australian worker will earn more than the average wage!”

Tony Harris
17 years ago

Farewell to Lou d’Alpuget, a great Australian journalist.

Francis X Holden
17 years ago

nic – what about His Royal High(ish)ness Prof. David Flint AM walking OUT of a cupboard.